How the Real Estate Leads Work?

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Select Your Postcodes

If a post-code is missing email

Select as many post-codes sounding your location

There is no limit to how many post-codes you can choose

You can view a post-code map for your location here


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Billing Information


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By clicking SUBMIT, you agree to our terms & conditions of the sale of each lead sold to you including any additional subscription service you may wish to use inside the portal. Each lead that’s bought will record your signature, IP address, time, and date linked to our terms & conditions and refund policy for leads supplied. We will email you a copy of our terms and conditions, including our policy for invalid leads and refunds.

Note:  You will be charged a small fees of 0.50 NZD for validating your card. The validation fees will be refunded back in 2 - 3 working days

    You enter in the POSTCODE(s) for the location(s) you want Real Estate listing opportunities. When a lead comes in, you will be notified by both text and email the property’s street name (not the street number), suburb and RV.

    At this point, you can choose to accept the lead by clicking the link to unlock further details of the lead. Once you click the link, you will then be asked to sign for the lead and your credit card will be billed. The lead becomes exclusive to you. Any other competitive agent will miss out.

    The lead is only on offer for 24 hours.

    Your credit card details will only need to be loaded once. Your card is only debited at the time you accept your lead. You are in control. Future leads will be automatically charged to the same credit card each time you accept a new lead. If you do not wish to accept a lead, then do not click the link.

    Each lead is priced by regional demand based on our online costs and agent demand. When the lead is sent to you via SMS and EMAIL. You will see 'part' of the lead information to decide whether to purchase it. The lead price may vary from $35 to $70 plus GST. These rates can change from month to month due to buying rates online.

    Further detail on the property and vendor will be provided to you via both text and email, as follows:

    Full verified Address, Name of the vendor, phone number, email address, RV, number of bedrooms, condition of the house, any special features, garage, the reason for selling.

    Only enter the postcodes for the areas you work in. If you have more than one postcode enter each postcode with comma separation. eg: 6577,5995,4949. If the postcode is not available, then we do not run leads in this location. If you want your postcode activated contact

    We guarantee the leads for accuracy of phone, address and property owner or affiliated with the property. And leads that are invalid will be credited. Please see credits policy here Refunds are only issued for those wanting to leave the system completely.

    You can pause your account for 7 or 14 days. Your account will reactivate automatically. It is solely our discretion to deactivate your account if it remains inactive for more than 14 days with no activity. We have a waiting list of Agents wanting to join some post-codes and will give preference to those wanting to list properties.

    Please read our full terms and conditions here
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"Great fast system"
Romina Villela - Harcourts
"Thank you so much! Your service is amazing, I have got a listing from one of your leads and another appointment Monday"
Jesse - Harcourts
"Love to say who i am i don't want to give away the secret!!!"
Steven Singh - Mike Pero
"Bought four leads and got four appraisal online the video training was very helpful"
Julie Shand - HARCOURTS
"Best lead system ever"
Martin - Harcourts Wellington
"Hi John, great start to the new campaign. I have now received 10 leads from you since Monday, and have already signed 1 up! Thanks "
Ross - Tauranga
"Fly Me High generates genuine leads with people who are looking to sell their property. The information is accurate and is very good value for money."
Nicky Vellender - Bayleys
"I have been having some real success... They are genuine leads. I want to say a big Thanks"
Richard Pearce - Barfoot & Thompson
"Thanks for the service and the leads that I get, as they are very valuable and much appreciated."
Mastt Ingold - RAY WHITE
"Your lead generation has come highly recommended, so would love the chance to become a part of it."
Foss Shannon - Harcourts
"Great stuff"
Brent Bastin - TREMAINS
"Absolutely love FLYMEHIGH"
Tracy - Anonymous
"Good Morning John, Just wanted to let you know I joined your company last Thursday and am off to do my 3rd appraisal today. So that is great! - Tracy "
Rick Mozessohn - Ray White
"I have to admit, your system is quite impressive. The quality of leads are fantastic, and the frequency is superb. I was sceptical at first, however, now the value is quite clear. September 2020"
Cameron Hooper - Ray White
"Have purchased 3 leads over the past 2 days and have already booked in 3 in-person appraisals! Your scripts are awesome."
Neelam Brown - The Lodge Hamilton
"'This referral system a valuable tool for building my real estate business and the free training videos have been a sucess too"
Mark Bryant - RAY WHITE
"'I think its a bloody brilliant service'"
Simon Ward - Whangarei EVES
"It certainly is helpful, and I will be employing as many of your suggested techniques as possible when contacting the invitation received today "
Nelson Takle - RAY WHITE
"Very addictive lead system"
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"I'm up to 7 leads. Have my first listing lined up. Wish I had signed up a year ago "
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