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    This website is designed to help you better understand what your property could potentially sell for. The valuation reports we provide are supplied by some of New Zealand's top Licenced Real Estate Agents. These local agents only receive your information if they are top of their game. This is done via an auto-selection process using the most active agents on our database. We deal with over 800 agents. If your data is not taken up by one of our agents, we will give you the option to email your report or use our concierge service, My Top Agent. You can see this at the bottom of the page.

    forsale Considering Selling Your Home?


    When a property owner considers selling their home, they often seek an understanding of its potential market value. In cases where a mortgage is involved, a property valuation is typically required by the bank. Our platform facilitates the arrangement of a market valuation, sometimes referred to as a market appraisal, through the collaboration with a knowledgeable local real estate professional affiliated with the Real Estate Association (REA) since 2008. The primary objective of this platform is to connect you with a highly skilled agent in your vicinity.

    The recommended agent we connect you with is a top-notch professional dedicated to assisting you. We charge the agent for this introduction based on the postcode and the number of market valuations they’ve performed. This approach ensures you always receive the most suitable agent for your needs.

    The market valuation or appraisal entails a comprehensive report that presents all relevant information on comparable property listings and recent sales in your area. Additionally, you’ll receive guidance on the recommended sales approach to achieve the best possible price for your property.


    Right now, in 2023, interest rates have increased compared to 2022. Much faster than any other rate increase with the reserve bank over the last ten years. The New Zealand Government is trying to take the heat out of the market by introducing new legislation.

    The only way to see what your house would sell for is to use a licensed Real Estate Agent. The report you will receive from our specialists will include a market commentary on what is happening in your location.

    Remember, the market valuation is what buyers will be willing to pay for the home.

    This might be vastly different from the amount you thought. Just because you put thousands of dollars into the home repairing or renovating doesn’t mean you’ll see a dollar-for-dollar return on your investment. The ancient old saying ‘it’s worth what someone will pay’ remains true today. Nothing has changed. Only external influences can affect that demand.

    So, before you list or sell your property, fill in the questionnaire and see what your place could sell for, and we will send your details out to the top agent in your location to give you an idea of market valuation. Most market valuations or appraisals can be done via phone or email. For a more accurate appraisal, we would always recommend an onsite visit.

    valuations How we determine the sales value of your property

    Virtual Sales Valuation/Appraisal
    The agent can give you an electronic summary of recent sales and listings in your location, showing you the average RV-to-sales ratios and similar properties sold in your area. This is sent to you after a short phone conversation. You can evaluate this information for your research purposes. You can elect to have this emailed, dropped off or posted to you. However, for a more accurate assessment, a brief onsite visit is recommended.


    Onsite Sales Valuation/Appraisal
    To be able to do this, the agent will visit your property for around 15 to 20 minutes and come back with a comprehensive written appraisal and marketing recommendation. The agent will also factor in current market conditions at that given time and any renovations or property updates that have happened. This is most likely done with one or two agents to gauge a better understanding of the value your property could achieve on the market if sold.


    Note: If you are a real estate agent and wish to be considered for this service, you can apply here for your priority postcode options. Please note that not all postcodes are available, as most experienced agents have these.

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    How to Sell Your House for More? salemore

    Are you ready to sell your house for more? Complete our online assessment, and we’ll send you our free guide. In this guide, you’ll learn what to do and not to do to get the best price for your home. The answers may shock you!

    Selling your home for top dollar doesn’t mean completely renovating it. Download our guide to learn the

    How to Interview an agent? interview-agent

    Choosing the right agent is a big part of the selling process. Are you unsure who you want to use? Check out our free guide on how to interview an agent. Download our guide and learn the EXACT questions you should ask each agent.

    We’ll walk you through step-by-step, giving you the right questions and actions to take that will lead you to the real estate agent that will help you earn top dollar for your home. Our advice is based on years of information collected from some of New Zealand’s top real estate agents.



    Here at Price My Property, we know how hard it is to make that next move.

    We are based around the country to give you localised advice helping vendors get the best advice.

    Before you decide to sell your home, get the right advice from one of our qualified agents.

    Some of you may want an online electronic market e-valuation (via email), and some will want a free face to face market appraisal, you decide when they make contact.

    Whether you’re upgrading, downgrading, moving city or selling an investment, you always want to know what the market valuation will be before you start. It’s what we do.

    All our agents are licenced under the Real Estate Agents Act 2008.